A guide to purchasing mobile phone cases made of different materials, it’s time to upgrade the “coat” of the mobile phone


Today, because smart phones are used through the operation mode of a large-screen touch screen, the appearance of the mobile phones is similar and the same. For this reason, the mobile phone case gradually develops from the protective cover of the mobile phone to the line of the outerwear of the mobile phone.


More and more young people show their individuality and taste through fashionable and lovely mobile phone cases. However, all kinds of mobile phone cases on the market are also emerging in an endless stream, which is dazzling. How to choose these mobile phone cases with various materials, various colors and various functions? Let’s look at the following four points, so that you can easily find the phone case from phone case whole sale supplier that belongs to you.

Choose according to the degree of hardness

Generally speaking, when it comes to mobile phone cases, its softness and hardness are the focus of people’s attention. The mobile phone cases on the market can be roughly divided into two types, one is a soft mobile phone case, and the other is a hard mobile phone case.

1. Hard phone case

Due to the harder texture of the hard shell, it is more mature in the printing of patterns. Moreover, the hard case can withstand high temperature treatment compared with the soft material mobile phone case, and the treatment of the painting process can effectively prevent oxidation and fade. Due to the light and thin material, the hard mobile phone case has a more beautiful shape and a better hand feel.

A good hard shell is made of ABS, PC or a mixture of the two, which is more resistant to falling. However, due to the high quality of the material, for those who often need to disassemble and install the mobile phone case, it is easy to cause scratches to the mobile phone itself, and repeated disassembly can easily reduce the life of the hard case. And it is more prone to breakage and so on.


2. soft phone cases

The soft case has obvious functions in terms of water resistance and cushioning, and has a higher protective effect on mobile phones. At the same time, it has a different feel from the hard shell. For those who prefer soft and waxy texture, it will feel much softer than the cold hard shell. The soft material phone case does not hurt the phone, no matter how it is disassembled, it will not scratch the phone.

The biggest shortcoming of the transparent soft case is that it is not resistant to dirt. After a period of use, a large amount of dust will accumulate and absorb on the mobile phone. If things go on like this, it will be detrimental to the appearance of the mobile phone. Because the soft shell is not resistant to high temperature, the printing process will be slightly worse, and the colors and styles will be relatively less.

Suggestions for purchasing: For the choice of soft shell and hard shell, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to choose according to personal preferences and needs. If you pay more attention to appearance and feel, then choose a hard mobile phone case. If you pay attention to protection, the best choice is a soft case.


Choose according to material type

In addition to understanding the softness and hardness of the mobile phone case, if you want to choose a mobile phone case that makes you comfortable, you must know a thing or two about the material of the mobile phone case. The materials of mobile phone cases on the market today are roughly divided into the following types.

1. PC material

The PC hard shell is as thin as paper, bringing a bare metal feel. It is a high-density material with excellent comprehensive performance. It has the advantages of self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic, and colorable. It also has excellent electrical insulation, elongation and other characteristics. It can fit the phone body very well, and the heat dissipation of the PC material is also very good.

2. Glass material

The mobile phone case made of glass is a popular mobile phone case in recent years. It has good light transmittance, strong hardness, anti-aging, good strength and toughness, and it feels very comfortable. The phone case made of this material can not only bring the texture of glass, but also play a protective role.

3. Silicone material

The mobile phone case made of silicone material has better waterproof performance and can prevent rainwater from invading the mobile phone. The plasticity of the silicone material is high and the color is relatively bright, and it can be designed into a variety of very personalized shapes and patterns, and the patterns are changeable. The mobile phone case made of silicone is soft and elastic, has a delicate touch, is resistant to low temperature, and is more environmentally friendly.

4. TPU material

TPU elastomer is a material between rubber and plastic. It has good resilience, low temperature resistance and is not easy to deform. The cost of TPU material is low, the production cycle is short, and the material can be degraded and recycled. Environmental friendly. The mobile phone case made of TPU is more selective and has more pattern changes than silicone.

5.Metal Material

It is a hard shell, mainly made of frame alloy material, and the back panel is made of PC matte material
Metal frame, with seahorse buckle design at the bottom, which can be used to assemble and disassemble the mobile phone protective case;
The all-inclusive mobile phone case can be better anti-drop, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch.

Purchasing suggestions: For the choice of mobile phone case materials, you can choose according to your hobbies and needs. Those who like firmness and texture can choose PC or glass phone cases. Those who like to feel soft and protective can choose silicone and TPU phone cases.


Select according to the hemming state

Select the mobile phone case according to the state of wrapping. You can also choose from the state of wrapping. Mobile phone cases with different wrapping states have different protection strength. Generally, there are all-inclusive type and edge-wrapped type, let’s take a look together below.

1. Full edge status

The mobile phone case with full edge state can be said to be loved by everyone. It can wrap all the corners and corners of the mobile phone in the mobile phone case, which has the best protection performance for the mobile phone. At the same time, its anti-drop performance is also the best. But due to the comprehensiveness of the package, the heat dissipation performance is not good.

2. Hemming state

The edge-wrapped mobile phone case is a relatively common type of mobile phone case at present, and its heat dissipation performance is better than that of the fully-wrapped one, and this design is also lighter and thinner, with a better hand feel. Loved by the public. And its anti-drop effect is not bad.

Suggestions for purchasing: For the selection of the wrapping state, we choose according to our own needs. If we pay attention to the protection performance of the mobile phone, we should choose the mobile phone case with full wrapping state. If you pay attention to the appearance and heat dissipation function, you can choose the wrapping mobile phone case.


Choose from additional features

With the rapid development of science and technology, mobile phone cases are not only for protecting and aesthetically pleasing mobile phones, but also add a lot of black technology to facilitate daily use. So let’s take a look at what additional features are available.

1. Charging function

The mobile phone case with charging function is suitable for people who travel frequently or use a lot of power every day. It is equivalent to providing a second battery for the mobile phone, and it is easy to carry. The clip-on phone case is also a good way to extend the life of your phone.

2. Selfie stick function

The stand function perfectly combines the phone case and the selfie stick, which is very suitable for people who travel frequently or who love to take selfies without leaving the selfie stick. The selfie function and the phone case are combined into one, hidden in your personal phone case, which is both beautiful and practical.

Alright. The above are the mobile phone cases recommended for you based on different materials.

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