Why can’t I simply turn off my device?

While that may seem like a good option for some, it is not necessarily a good option for everyone and it often depends on your situation. In most cases the zermopify thermal cover for phone is used for short periods where you are particularly concerned about your privacy, yet still want quick access to your phone and camera for safety or other reasons. Journalists, activists, business travelers, and anyone else who wants to preserve their privacy can still take comfort in knowing they can have their phone out and photos rolling or emergency calls dialed while others are still waiting for their phone to power-up.

Is your phone is really off? Good question. Modern smartphones are made up of several systems and subsystems. One of these subsystems, often referred to as the base band, controls and operates the radio transmitter and receiver and is capable of operating quite interdependently from your phone’s main operating system. This allows your phone to appear to be “turned off” while the radio subsystem remains powered and operational.

When you turn your phone off it is quite possible that it is simply in a low power state with full receiving and transmitting capability and you would never know it. The screen will be off and there will be no detectable heat giving you the false impression that your phone is fully off and you are safe from tracking. A good example of this being used is Apple’s “Find My ” app

According to Apple “Find My helps you locate this iPhone when it is lost or stolen, even when it is in power reserve mode or when powered off”.

The simple fact is, it’s becoming more and more difficult to know for sure what our phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices are really doing, and for those with a very high need for privacy, the block emf signals bag provides significant additional peace of mind.


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